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Borough Council to replace broken play equipment

Northampton Borough Council has made provision for £100,000 to be invested in new play equipment in 2017/18.

Council capital programme announced as part of budget

Northampton Borough Council’s Cabinet is set to consider which projects will form part of its capital expenditure during the next year.

Budget proposals for 2017/18 announced

Northampton Borough Council is proposing a small increase in council tax, the first increase in the Borough’s element of the tax for five years, in its draft budget proposals for 2017/18, published today (December 6).

Change of plan on new homes at Dallington

New locations have been chosen for 100 new council homes so Northampton Borough Council can deliver them more quickly.

Stop killing with kindness urge community safety partnership

Local agencies are urging people to stop ‘killing with kindness’ by asking them to think twice before handing over money to those begging on the streets.

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@itsinmyopinion i have chased this up with enterprise under ref 2452147. i apologise for the delay.
About 10 hours ago

@1980Karl please can you advise if there is a particular area that needs cleansing in the town centre?
About 10 hours ago

@Kitty1601 the service doesn't cost the Borough Council anything as it is self-funding.
About 12 hours ago

@Kitty1601 Hi Kate, here's a link to our press release from April which should explain more:
About 12 hours ago

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