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Marble Arch alleyway gated

The introduction of a new public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) has seen Northampton’s Marble Arch alleyway gated.

Influence the future of your museum service

Anyone who would like to influence the future of the museum service in Northampton has been invited to apply to be part of a consultative focus group.

Council eyes possible increase in private sector rental property enforcement

Northampton Borough Council could be set to increase the size of its private sector housing enforcement team while cutting costs to the local council taxpayer.

Partnership Fund Grant to help local support groups and organisations

Local charitable and support organisations can gain financial help for a service thanks to the Borough Council’s Partnership Fund grants, which open for applications on Monday, 15 January.

Independent Chair sought for key Borough Council Committee

The Audit Committee oversees all processes for risk, control and governance. The purpose of the Audit Committee is to provide independent assurance and to support strong financial management and good governance.

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@Meg_fried_rice They will indeed be able to issue fines for spitting.
24 minutes ago

RT @Meg_fried_rice: Can this include spitting on the floor as it’s equally as disgusting 🤢🤢
25 minutes ago

@jonnybros89 If spotted, they will. We're sure you can appreciate that no matter how much resource is invested in t…
About 2 hours ago

From February, anyone caught dropping litter, cigarette butts or chewing gum on the floor could receive a fine
About 4 hours ago

@sjkerrison Hi, after looking into this for you this may take a couple of days for the system message to change.
About 23 hours ago