Northampton Borough Council
Northampton Borough Council

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Bin collections and buses are affected by the icy weather

There may be some delays in collecting your bins and boxes this week, and there are changes to some bus bays because of the icy conditions at the bus station.

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When you should contact us

Are you

  • in rent or mortgage arrears?
  • in Council Tax arrears?
  • avoiding bailiffs?

To book an appointment for free money and debt advice contact us on 01604 838578 or email

Our specialist Money Advice Team can help to ensure that you can pay your rent or mortgage and avoid the risk of homelessness. 

How we can help you

In addition to helping you with your rent and mortgage, we can help with:

  • Other priority debts (council tax, gas, electric, fines)
  • Advice on support for mortgage interest
  • Advice on dealing with enforcement agents (bailiffs)
  • Identifying benefit entitlement
  • Utility advice and making your home more energy efficient 
  • Advice on TV Licensing
  • Advice on Hire Purchase Agreements 
  • Budgeting advice 
  • Advice on secondary debts 
  • Borrowing money from a responsible lender